Weather of Kasauli

The lovely Weather of Kasauli

Kasauli, the hill station which lies in one of the most beautiful area of Himachal Pradesh where scenery and attractive flora are neighbours of it. If you are about to plan a trip to this town, then don’t waste your time and certainly, don’t think much about the weather of Kasauli as the weather remains amusing throughout the year. There isn’t a month in a year when you could say that you are not satisfied with the weather.

Weather of Kasauli People having families do plan their trips in summer and they don’t find any difficulties whatsoever in having a pleasurable time in Kasauli. You can expect a variation of temperature between 24 degrees to 14 degrees if you are leaving for this place in summer i.e. from the month of April to the month of June. The weather at Kasauli remains good even in summer. There, you are going to experience cool nights. Though, the days are a little warm but humidity is least.

Thus, you are going to enjoy a good time while visiting the places of this town in daytime. Snowfalls happen seldom in the winters. The weather within Kasauli becomes cold in the winters. During the winters, one may expect the temperature to fall and thus, the temperature varies from 5 degrees to 14 degrees. Even in the cold, it is very feasible to visit Kasauli as this place remains at its best during the winters.

It is advisable to keep warm clothes if you are leaving for Kasauli during the winters. People should also pre-plan their trip as good rush is expected at the time of winter and summer. December is considered as the perfect time to visit this town as the flora is at its best in December. Don’t think much about the time as Kasauli’s weather won’t trouble you anytime in a year.

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