This fascinating dog statue outside Kalyan Hotel, Kasauli is more than real and you would be amused with the story behind it.

Kalyan Hotel in the era gone by was known as ‘B Kalicharan & Sons’ , The chemists and druggists. It was focal point for members of ‘The Raj’. Seth ji , that is B Kalicharan was the richest land owner. It so happens one night some night raiders thought they would decamp with all imported goodies and English Wines , Liquor and cash that they could find. In those days Druggists were the ex officio Wine shop licensees. The dog saw the burglary in progress and attacked the robbers who ran out with whatever booty they could collect leaving the rest behind. Our little hero not to outdone went and woke up his masters and not only that …I am told he led them to the burglars den and these hapless creatures were caught just as they were dividing the booty.
The little chap had become the hero overnight. An English patron of the shop….evidently a dog person…..sent the hero’s picture to a bronze foundry in North Devon England…..a wax reproduction of the sculpture was created, given a ceramic shell. The wax is replaced with molten bronze and an enduring sculpture was born. The sculpture was shipped back and installed presumably as a memorial to ‘Man’s best friend’.
But then this is nothing new in the unconditional love and companionship they provide us that has earned them the title “Man’s Best Friend” for over a century now. Dogs rarely disappoint us which is apparent by the countless stories we hear about their acts of heroism.